Put up the Tents

The Elanda Point Adventure Tent Camping Park is part of the Elanda Point Education Centre and as such provides a different experience ,but with the same educational message that your leisure time should be about joining others to develop recreational skills, including the ability to relax, that everyone can enjoy.
There are some whose education has failed them (that bloody Education Queensland!) and though I have suspended most of these and told them to head for the North Pole or Sturt’s Stony Desert, you can never tell when one might crawl out, so i`ve had to make this set of “rules for people who need rules” in the hope that they can read, might get offended and bless someone else with their presence.

1. No loud car radios or stereos at any time & no loud noise after 10pm.
2. No ground fires are allowed at Elanda Point.
3. No webers, braziers or bbq after 10pm.
4. Generators allowed for no longer then 2 hours per day.No generators after 6pm.
5. Using more space than needed will lead to refusal of further admission.
6. Children must be supervised at all times.
7. Do not feed, or allow children to chase, any birds or animals.
8. No domestic animals such as cats and dogs are allowed at Elanda due to National Park presence.
9. Elanda Point is not a ski or jet ski area.
10. Elanda Point accepts no responsibility for any damage to persons or property while at elanda.

The Elanda Point Tent Camping Park is usually open everyday. No bookings are taken and the park works on a walk up or first in basis at the office between 8am to 6pm.
Caravans and campervans are allowed within the park. However as this is a wilderness camping park no power sites are available and you will have to bring alternative power sources .
There is a generator area. Braziers or Ozpig's are allowed in this park up until 10pm at night. Make sure you bring heat beads or wood.
As the park is quite extensive you will always get in at Elanda with the possible exceptions being between Good Friday lunchtime and Easter Monday lunchtime, also between Boxing Day afternoon and the first day in January in the Christmas School Holidays. There is a 2 night minimum during school holidays periods (Peak Season).
The office is open for camping from 8am to 6pm and you should arrive and depart during these times.
The office likes to sight everybody arriving to camp in their park, as you would know there are some real rippers out there.

1. When you arrive between 8AM and 6PM go straight to the office to register your name, address, car registration, email, mobile no.

Tent camping fees are $30 per night (minimum 2 persons) + Extra persons $10 per person per night for everybody over 3 years of age, that means four years and older. Children under 3 years are free, the logic being that those children are generally well supervised by their parents.
Single Persons (1) will pay $20 per night.
Please see pricing chart below..

Elanda Point has a very generous check out time for key and site numbers to be returned between 8am-6pm. These are our office hours and this effectively means that when you tent camp for one night you really are getting two days.

Visiting fees are $5.00 per person per day for everybody over 3 years of age. All day visitors cars are to be parked in the allocated parking area in front of office (No Drive-In).Visiting check-out time is absolutely before 6pm, otherwise camping fees begin to apply.

The minimum number of persons registering on one site is one person.
The maximum number of persons on one site is 6 persons, two tents & one car. Extra cars must be left in the Elanda Office Parking Area .
Extra persons above this amount means registering for another site and filling out another form for the extra space.
Each site has a numbered key and a corresponding site number sign to hang on your tent site wherever you erect it in the Tent Camping Park.
There is one key only per site ($10 cash deposit applies).
Your tent can be erected anywhere within the tent camping park and wherever that site number sign is hung and displayed becomes the position of that site. The extra tent must be within two metres of the main tent.

2. List the number of persons over 3 years of age (4yrs & older) in your car. Maximum 6 persons, two tents & one car.

The maximum stay at Elanda is one week or 7 nights. After site inspection we may allow extra nights but this is totally dependent on your ability to relate to the management and to all others camping at Elanda.

3. Circle the number of nights you are staying. Maximum stay of 7 nights. Check out time is between 8am-6pm.

Have cash to pay your $10 refundable deposit on your key and site number sign. The office is able to give you change if needed.
The key will open the gates to allow you to drive into the tent camping park..
The same key will unlock the shower block and also the coin-operated laundry located near the office.
All other toilet and shower blocks in the tent camping park do not require a key, however these showers are cold.
The site number sign is to hang on your tent wherever you erect it within the Tent Camping Park.
An extra tent must be within two metres of your main tent.
Any site greatly larger than a normal tent will lead to refusal of further admission as will the usage of cars, boat trailers, tarpaulins or games areas to ensure less space for other campers.
On the day you are leaving bring your key and site number sign back to the office between 8am-6pm to receive your $10 deposit back. If returning your key & site board outside of opening hours you will forfeit your $10 deposit.

4. Have cash to pay the $10 refundable deposit to receive your key and site number sign

At the office we will determine your tent camping fees. You can pay your fees by cash or eftpos.
It is a company policy not to accept cheques. Credit cards accepted are Visa & Mastercard only.


Tent Camping Fees

$30.00 Per Night ( Min 2 persons -everybody over 3 years of age- 4yrs and above) + Extra Persons $10 per person per night .
Maximum 6 persons per site (extra persons means extra site required). Single persons will be required to pay $20 per night as they have no meet the minimum 2 person requirements.

1 PERSON $20 $40 $60 $80 $100 $120 $140
2 PERSON $30 $60 $90 $120 $150 $180 $210
3 PERSON $40 $80 $120 $160 $200 $240 $240
4 PERSON $50 $100 $150 $200 $250 $300 $300
5 PERSON $60 $120 $180 $240 $300 $360 $360
6 PERSON $70 $140 $210 $280 $350 $420 $420

5. Pay tent camping fees at the office by cash or eftpos (visa & mastercard accepted)

Rules are really only for people who need rules. Most people understand as they grow up that they have a responsibility to other people and they go out of their way to show others respect.
Children aren’t born with this appreciation and it’s up to the parents to provide supervision and care.
In our Education Centre school teachers do this remarkably well and we expect the same in the Tent Camping Park.

6. After you have read the rules, sign on everybody’s behalf

  • How to tent camp at Elanda Point

The Elanda how to tent camp manual

As the manual says attach sticker to your car windscreen.
If you have a second car, that car will be required to be parked in the office parking area with a different sticker on the windscreen.
Use the same key that was given to you at check in and that you use to open the hot showers and coin op laundry near the office ,to open the gate and proceed into the tent camping park.
You can erect your tent anywhere in the camping park and wherever you hang your site number sign on your tent is your site. Your extra tent must be within two metres of your main tent.
We show respect for other people with absolutely no loud noise after 10pm.This includes webers, braziers or barbecues and of course no generators after 6pm.
Put all rubbish in the large bins near the main gate into the park.
Your check out time to get back your $10 deposit refund on key & site number sign is before 6pm on day of departure. The maximum stay is 7 nights.
You can erect your tent anywhere in the park but please remember to give others space, do not erect your tent site on top of others even if they look extremely friendly.
Do not erect your tent site too close to picnic tables or gateways as these are for everybody to use not just yourselves and you should expect a fair bit of traffic through and around your tent site if you do that.
Also overuse of space ensuring less space for other campers will lead to refusal of further admission.
If you camp under the trees, the least you can expect is that the birds will make a good job of your tent and car. The tree might even join in on the fun with seeds, berries, gum or worst of all a branch . Before erecting your tent always look up first .
Then look down. If the grass looks extremely green it could mean that you are in a low area and should it rain, as the water rises you will find out why the grass was so green there.
Erect your tent on high ground and check to see that there are no ant`s nests or other nasties that might give you a surprise.
Also look out. Remember if you erect your tent on the waterfront you will eventually face an incoming wind, try to find shelter behind a tree or group of trees.

The nine adventures of Elanda

When you visit Elanda you should do some of the Nine Adventures of Elanda.
They range from adventure one- a thirty minute one way hike or canoe to the scant remains of the old 1875 township of Mill Point to adventure 9 – an 80km 3 day hike along the Cooloola Great Walk from Teewah Landing to Rainbow Beach. For more details consult your Elanda Manual when you camp at Elanda Point.